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hello everyone, a newbie here...

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Hi guys and girls,

I've really been struggling to cope recently (bipolar and in midst of a severe down-swing), and felt like I needed a place where I could come when I needed a bit of extra support. Hopefully I've found it. I'm not sure what the etiquette is around here, so I thought I'd just dive in.

I don't suppose my story is wildly original - I have disordered eating mixed in with my bipolar - when I'm up, I starve, or binge and burge. When I'm low I don't care what I eat. I get into agitated states where I self-harm, but those are rare, thankfully. I've stopped telling my doctors when I feel suicidal - I've learned from long experience that all they do is increase the dose of my medications (that don't work anyway), and turn me into a zombie until I stop complaining about how I feel. Doesn't stop me feeling bad, just shuts me up... anyway, I'm whining now.

My main problem is that over the years I've cut myself off from friends, and I've wound up very isolated. Sometimes I just feel like I don't exist, like I'm actually invisible. All I want is a normal life, and when I look at how things are right now, I can't imagine how I'm ever going to get it.

anyway, I'm not always such a miserable bitch, honest! I just feel like I need to be around people who know how I feel just now.

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Hey Porcelain doll - welcome.

Etiquette here is easy to pick up , you can read the FAQs but its mainly an etiquette you'd expect in a pro life forum, which means nobody can help someone plan suicide and nor will any methods be allowed to talked about, apart from in general terms.

I guess people are asked to be considerate and I'm sure that comes natural to yourself.

I see your in Glasgow - I'm in England myself, the North of England.

Like you I suffer with depression - and I'm sure that you'll find many people in your situation around here and many willing to chat about it or to give carefully considered replies - or just a few words of encouragement.

Glad to have made your acquaintance - hope you make it though the night OK.

Hi PeaceLovingGuy,

thanks for your reply. :) I feel a bit better having found this forum. Part of the problem I have is when these feelings hit, I just feel so helpless, and never know where to turn. The first thing I feel like I need is understanding from people who really know what it's like to feel this low. I'm sure I'll get that here.


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Welcome to the forums Porcelain Doll!! Yeah you are right.. There are plenty of people here who are bipolar..Don't get discouraged from the slow replies..When you are new sometimes peeps don't know what to say, or they aren't logged on..Etc. Etc.Glad your here!!


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Your welcome!! I hope you stick around..You can make some really good friends here..I have several that we chit chat via emails now..Take Care!!

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Hi Porcelain doll i hope you continue to post okay depending on time of day in other parts country it will take time for others to reach out. I can tell you though this forum has so many kind souls Welcome to SF hun
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