Hello Everyone. Tis hard sometimes to find good friends.

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by CarolS, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. CarolS

    CarolS New Member & Antiquities Friend

    I found my way here during one of my ... less than wonderful days... I so look forward to chatting with some people who may have some insight in how to handle these rough days, weeks and years.

    Bless you all.

    And again.. I hope to be able to chat with you sometime.

  2. Cute_Angel_Xx

    Cute_Angel_Xx Account Closed

    Hey welcome to Suicide Forums, I'm glad you have joined in search of support. I do hope you find it here.
    Take care and welcome :)

    Perfect Angel
  3. Matt93

    Matt93 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to Suicide Forum, we'll all be glad to help you and I extend a warm welcome to you. This place has helped me, in the few months I've been here. It's full of nice, caring and warm people. I hope it can do what it has done for me :)

    We'll all be here for you during future bad times :)

  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi welcome to SF know lots of kind people here so chat away okay post vent what ever it takes to help you feel better See you around.:smile:
  5. FlashingFlickering

    FlashingFlickering Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum, I'm pretty new too, just joined yesterday!
    Everyone has their own positive coping stratagies, I'd love to share some of mine with you if you're up to chatting.
    I'm online quite often, so drop me a PM anytime you want!
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