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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by total eclipse, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. total eclipse

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    Wecome John I can understand some of your feelings about being just a number andhow military just don't seem to care for you. Is there anyone outside the military that you can talk to. Say a priest or minister outside the military that will see you how you are a person not just a rank a number. I know when my sibling in the army it was shut up deal with your problem don't want to hear it attitude I would hope today they would give the men and women more emotional support. Is there a psychologist or psychiatrist that could help you with your depression. Maybe give you meds to decrease these emotions or lack of. I know the people here are great just keep talking okay vent ask questions and support will come. Glad your here.:hug:
  2. Stranger1

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    Just try to hold on.. My therapist has been approached by the government to start helping soldiers.. She is going to do it on the weekends to start.. Once she retires she is going to do it full time..The government is bringing in alot of private therapists to help..When you come back to the world check into it o.k.??
  3. Petal

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    welcome to the forums!!
  4. 6017

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    My name is John, I'm a Soldier in the US Army, active duty. I'm stationed in Seongnam, South Korea. Recently, I've been fed up with life, I can't find any useful outlet, or any way to vent my frustrations. The doctors here don't care about anything but numbers in a system, and I'm just so tired of it. I'm angry, depressed, and overwhelmed with a feeling of hopelessness in my situation. I just feel like I can't handle it anymore.

    Any questions anyone has, I'll gladly answer to the best of my abilities.
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    Welcome to SF. Hope you find some great support here.
  6. 6017

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  7. ~Claire

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    Welcome to SF John.

    :hug: xx
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    Welcome to SF! :hug:
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    Welcome to the forums :)
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    :welcome: to SF. :shake:
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    Welcome to the forum =]
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