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Hello! (Extremely uninteresting)

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Hi everyone, I'm Pembe and I just joined (obviously).
I'm female, 18 years old and live in the UK. I like beer, books and music :mhmm:
I have 2 cats :tiger: and I'm a vegetarian.

The longest I have gone without cutting since I was 13 is 8 months, but I slipped near the end of last year. I quit smoking last year. I have attempted suicide a few times in the past.
I have joined this site as I have recently started getting uncontrollably upset and angry, like times in the past when I've had a breakdown and it's starting scaring me again.

Hopefully here I will find some solace, maybe even a friend.


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Hi i am glad you are reaching out for support and hope you don't fall back into unhealthy coping mechanisms. We are here for you okay so keep posting chat Nice to have you here hugs:hugtackles:
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