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Hello from Norway

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I thought i should say hello.

I joined her to see how other people are feeling about this life.
I dont suffer from constant thoughts of having to off my self, but i did.
How ever i managed to pull my self back up.

A hard time growing up left some scars, crazy father that threatened to kill me and all my friends and family taken away from me.
This has also resulted in me not being able to trust anyone, no one really get close to me.
Though im friendly and got to much empathy for my own good and worry about others well-being to much :)

Felt that meditation helps me when i start to feel down, i go in to my self that way and everything else is on hold.
I come back feeling good and rested.

Besides, following a pagan belief, if i kill my self i would probably just have to go through it again, as im here to learn... and that would be a bummer, done 24 years of this one now, better make the best out of whats left.
Not open for further replies.

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