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  1. Hello, i'm an italian student, and i've been struggling with depression for the last few years. I have many interestes, from music to gaming, from books to electronics and other general stuff. I have a family that loves me, and our financial situation isnt desperate. Still, these last years hahve been long, heavy and difficuly. I'll write a more accurate description in the main part of the forum. BTW, glad to have found this website!
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    Hello arcibaldo and welcome to SF.. Glad to have you with us..
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    Well howdy there. Nice to meet you. We're a good bunch - don't be afraid to network, share, learn, and be a part. :)
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    Arcibaldo, if your username is your full actual name , this is against the rules and this is for your safety and to maintain confidentiality.. If I am rite you need to change your username.. Suggest to you just use your first name arcibaldo..

    To change this click on Settings at top right of any screen.. Then on left side of next screen click on edit profile.. Change username is one of the options near the top of next screen.. If you need help post here in this thread.. Jimk
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    welcome to the site

    hope you find it supportive
  6. Not my real name, it's an alter ego i use on some websites.
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    Welcome :thumb:
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    you are way a head of many people.
  9. Knowing that i feel bad even when i have a "good" life is one of the things that makes me hate myself the most.
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    Depression can affect anyone, no matter what good or bad things they have in life. People don't actively choose to be depressed. Yes, you have some good things in life, even if they don't make the depression go away. You seem to understand that you are fortunate and that means you are probably grateful on some level. Hating yourself for being fortunate but still depressed is kind of harsh, imo. However, it might even be a product of being depressed.

    Perhaps accept that you are lucky in some ways, and then work toward getting through the depression to a place where you can appreciate things again.
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