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hello hello

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Hi everyone,

Obviously came here for a reason. been through some tough realizations recently. What I've mostly figured out is that I need some support, and this may be the only place that I'm going to get it.

once the ball gets rolling I'll have a lot more to say


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hi there and :welcome: to SF

there's a lot of people here, myself included, who are willing to give as much support to others as they can, i hope you are able to find what you need here

feel free to PM me any time you want someone to talk to :smile:

take care


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Dear DropMeALine;

:welcome: :grouphug: :groupwave :hug:

Welcome to a very friendly supportive place - the best place I know to come to when I need love and compassion and hugs!:smile:

I hope you find the support you are seeking here. We're all experienced listeners and very understanding of others' problems... cause we've got our own problems! I think you'll find us a very helpful group of international friends!:smile:

love and hugs,



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:welcome: to SF. When you are ready we will give you all the support you could ask for. There are many people at this forum who care about each other. I hope you find what you need with us. :hug:


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I want to say WELCOME too. When things overwhelm you, you can find a support/a friend here. Take care!!:smile:


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Hi, I hope you find whatever it is your looking for here. If its support your after you'll find lots of it here.

Take care,


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Hello. Welcome to the Forum! I am a noob here too. I tell you what though: it is an excellent resource to learn from. There are wide variety of situations here and a wide variety of ideas. I tend to lean towards the notion that unless you have been throught something similar, it is hard to sympathize fully or understand.

Good Luck!
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