Hello, hope I don't get banned

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I just joined, and I feel like an old fart already. I was reading ASH back in the day when people still knew what USENET was.

Amazingly, I'm still here.

I have a quick confession. When I'm sad, I push myself further toward the brink by reading the stories in the suicide survivors sites. I try to read my kids' names into the stories of people who've lost a dad. And it doesn't make me feel better, in case you're wondering.
Welcome to SF.....glad you found the site, there's a bunch of caring lovely people here.....If you ever need to talk or need help, You can PM me anytime.....I am looking forward to seeing you around.

Take care, ok? :hug:

~With hugs,


Ah, I made the association with the other kind from your use of the word "confession"...but you were talking about D&D.


What kind of cleric? :blink:
You kids of today must've never played Dungeons & Dragons. Back in the 80s, lots of people worried that it would drive kids to suicide. Of course, they were just mixing up correlation with causation.

I'll just slink off to the antiquites forum now.
Hi thecleric,

i am a member of ash too.i dont think you will be banned here unless you break the rules.just keep in mind this isnt ash.no encouraging suicide and no giving methods.if you stick to that you should be fine.i usually post more here because there are no trolls.also this site isnt like all the other pro life ones.its not all huggy if you dont want it to be.plus it can actually help.the people here seem to actually mean what they say.just wondering who you are over there.curious.


Ah, I made the association with the other kind from your use of the word "confession"...but you were talking about D&D.
The double meaning was intentional. I'm quite religious, which makes my whole suicidality thing even more complicated.


ASH...I probably would fit in better there than I do here. I am now "under moderation" already.

What are your beliefs cleric?


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What the hell is ASH????

Welcome Cleric from one old fart to another.

Like you I have religious beliefs, being a catholic means suicide is a mortal sin.
Damned if I do and damned if I don't...SIGH!!!

You'll find a lot of support and help here, some really good people on this site.


Welcome to the forums, nice to meet another gamer :book:. Theirs a lot of nice people here I know I have meet a few that have really helped, if you ever want to chat feel free to give me a PM anytime.
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