Hello, i´m back...

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Hello all!

I´m here just to tell how i feel at the moment. I wrote some weeks ago about my problems: depression, social anxiety and social phobia (very severe), and all that.
Today i´m here again. I found a job, finally. I´m very happy about that. I feel better, i really do... now i feel comfortable around 2 or 3 people outside my family. I know it doesn´t sound a big deal but for me is a great achievement. Believe me.
It´s nice to have someone to talk to...

I have this urge to dress up and look nice.... The truth is: i feel better about myself.

I know this is the moment to go and take chances.

I feel alive....

Take care,
Sounds pretty good to me, I guess it turned out better than you thought it would. I suffer from the same problems, though exposing myself to others (at least recently) has proven to only make me feel worse. Maybe that will change for me next time I put in the effort again. Thanks for sharing your progress with everyone here. :)
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