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Hello I am here...

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Hello I found this site while surfing one day. How are you all doing? Well I am suicidal soul. I have almost died twice and I have also tried to commit suicide once when I was young.

Now I am just a lost soul in the world. Inside I am already dead.

Goodnight.. I must return to the darkness now


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Well, let me be the first to welcome you to this ray of light. It helps to talk to others. We all have problems, we all have weaknesses and we all support each other. This is the nicest forum on the web (we've probably won some award for niceness by now).

Try to get involved with the various threads and explain what's troubling you. And there are even some threads that are positive and up and might make you feel better.

Anyway, Hi there.
Hello thank you for the welcome..
and yess I will check out those other threads and see what is going on.
I think this is a nice forum. I am going to stick around and see what happens..


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im kath and just wanted to add my welcome to the list!!!!

i am glad that you found us and hope you find the site really helpful and supportive.There are some very nice people here and i hope you will like it.

Pleease feel free to post on the forum as often as you like and share as much or as little as you like too at your own pace.

Also if you ever need/want to talk privately feel free to contact me via PM [private messaging] etc anytime.

Hope to see you about.

Take care
Welcome to the forum hun...glad ya found us, and I hope to see ya around, and hope you stick around. Take care, if you ever need to talk I am here... :hug: :hug:



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Dear S S;

Welcome to the forum.:smile: :smile: I hope you can find some friendship and compassion and support here - I sure did! Please feel free to post in any forum that suits your need at the moment. We're all good listeners here and have a good understanding of problems as we all have our own. Hope to see you around.:smile:

Thank you all for the warm welcome! Thanks for all the kinds words, and all the support. I just saw all these replies now. I always join forums and forget I joined. I get lots in my poetry and songs. Thanks to all of you for the welcome. And I think I wll post in some of the other areas of the forums now.
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