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hello members.. call me Jim.. i am almost a senior citizen and have an almost 35 yr old son i will call zoomies (name fits..LOL) who is autistic nad nonverbal and is the love of my life..

have suffered from many mental illness in my life.. schiz under control, used to really do OCD all the time. have DID which is also much more under control now.. depression still rears it nasty head most days later in the afternoons.. antidepresssant work a lot of each day..

Social SEcurity gave me disability status in 1996. they did a face to face interview with me and there i dissoicated during the whole mtg.. that was enuf for them.. I love music very much.. god willling my one good ear does not give out i will always do part of the day listening to my crying in the beer music.. also got some upbeat homeburned upbeat cds.. listen to them as needed..

do not do suicidal ideation any more these days.. zoomies needs me and i am not going to give up easily. if you got this far, thank you for reading this post.. i have done long periods in my life hiding from the world. am tired of that and am trying to meet some good people on SF and find some support from other people.. i am not shy anymore... later, Jim
hey jim :shake: it's nice to meet you - i'm ellie

sounds like you've had a lot going on in your life.... we're here to talk and listen :hug:


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Hello Jim,

From what I read of you, you seems to have much to offer at SF. You're very resilient and very brave to have gone through all this and keep on going taking care of your son. I hope you'll find our little community welcoming.


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Hi Jim, Welcome to the forums..Take your time and read some of the threads..I;m sure you will find alot of similarities..Take Care>>


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thank you all for your replies.. going to do some looking around here and see where and what to post in next post.. also seems your chatrooms are busy andn i love that.. first off going to reread the rules for both..

tonihgt zoomies with his momma overnight for one of his two nights a week with her.. she and i come with similar life stories and took separation adn finally divorced before we started really talking to each other.. better later than never rings true.. Jim
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