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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by cathyr, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. cathyr

    cathyr Member & Antiquities Friend

    I have returned after a long absence. Starting to be bothered again with suicidal ideations and need to be around people who understand. My life right now is complicated & stressful. I am still working as a nanny part time but am also a caregiver for my dad who has Alzheimer's. He is still able to do things for himself but he cannot live alone so I live with him. I don't know if you have a caregiver forum, will have to look.

    I am also experiencing some physical health issues. I have a herniated disc in my neck and possibly one in my lower back. I have gone through physical therapy and need to see my doc on Wed for the results of my MRI. Also going through financial difficulties, mostly because of not working much and stressing over finances. Join the club though I guess.

    Makes getting on with my life challenging. I am in therapy, still on meds although right now they aren't doing much. I have dealt with depression, anxiety and suicidal ideations for about 30 years now. Just need to be able to talk to others who understand.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi hun sorry you are not feeling so strong nice to see you again though even thought things are not so well. Hugs to you
  3. Sea Sparkles

    Sea Sparkles Well-Known Member

    Hi Cath.

    I'm sorry you aren't doing well, hun... I hope you feel better physically AND mentally soon. :hug:
  4. cathyr

    cathyr Member & Antiquities Friend

    Thank you both. I have always found this to be a safe place to post how I was feeling without being judged.
  5. TheLoneWolf

    TheLoneWolf Well-Known Member

    Welcome back - though I'm sorry for the reasons that brought you back. You are right, this is one of the safest and least judgmental forums on the internet.
  6. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    I am glad you remembered you had a place to be to gain some extra support. It is goods to see you once again. I am sorry you are going through those issues. Any one of them by themselves would be difficult enough without adding the others in there. Continue sharing as much and as often as you need. We are here for you. :hug:
  7. cathyr

    cathyr Member & Antiquities Friend

    I went for an EMG test today for my back. I have been having major back issues and also went for an MRI. Doc suspects that it's a herniated disc(I also have one in my neck) I will be getting the results of the test next week at my follow up appt. It's hard enough to go through the depression without this physical stuff complicating matters.
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