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Hello I just neen a friend

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I feel like I want this to be the end. Im trying to tell myself I'll regret doing anything hasty but maybe just need someone to hear me?

I don't know what else to say really. I'm thinking this I'd a good time to die.


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Hi Pauly and welcome...what is going on for you? Please talk to us about it so that you know that you are not alone...big hugs and welcome, J


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Hi Pauly,

Please trust your instinct, NOT your mind. You do not really want to die…

Whatever you are experiencing or feeling, it will pass. You know that!!

Lots of compassionate and friendly ears here. You can also PM us if you prefer. Being heard definitely helps. Sometimes you can see the untruth in your thoughts or story while you are in the process of telling them to someone. So maybe writing down your thoughts and feelings first and see if you’d like to post them here or send them to anyone via Private Messages…or see for yourself if the thoughts and feelings are really or absolutely true...

Love and hugs


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hello there and welcome to the forum I would first like to say I am glad you found this place we are all here to listen we are all here to help and we will never judge.

if you ever need someone to talk to please do not be afraid to take my paw I will listen all you want I am a friend to all that need one.


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You will find people on here Pauly, I am new too and people have been very kind and helpful to me since I've started coming on. I'm sorry that you are feeling so bad right now, hang on for tonight - the people on here will help and support you and listen. I hope that things get better for you.
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