Hello, Im a 14 year old depressed boy.

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Christopher1122, Mar 31, 2015.

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  1. Christopher1122

    Christopher1122 Banned Member

    Hello. I've been depressed for a while now. I just hate humans and life itself. I really wish I could have not been born, because I would never have had to worry about life at all, I wouldn't have known.

    The time before I was born, I never knew, never imagined, I didn't exist; I which it was still like that. I still think I can remember nothingness. I really wish life never existed. The coincidence of humans living is so small it's untrue. The big bang, space, scares me. I just think there is really no point in life at all. It scares me a lot when I think about death and what's next.

    I'm catholic, but I'm sort of starting to realise God doesn't exist. If he were real, wouldn't he sort out all the poor and suffering in the world, listen to our prayers? I don't get it. I am very self conscious and have sometimes anger issues but it's because my mum winds up trying to get her own way. I know nothing she says is right. I only have a few friends at school.

    I'm sat here on my bed crying, <mod edit - methods>.

    I was waiting to get up to this hit; I really hate some humans. The truth is they slaughter, torture innocent humans and animals. There are greedy people, racist people, murderers, discriminators. I find it messed up. The world is unfair and no one does anything about it. It's so sad thinking about life, it's so unreal. I know for a fact everything in life is fake, we are all the same humans when it comes down to the logic, just a humans mindset is so stupid.

    I've been noticing myself typing up suicide videos a lot recently; I watch liveleak graphic videos without thinking anything of it. I just don't find suicide or graphic images anything disgusting. I have been doing this since probably 1 hear and a half. I type up Yahoo answer suicide posts and see how others want to commit suicide. I found a number of people like me; they hate humans and wish they were never ever born.

    Don't tell me life is a rollercoaster; Don't tell me life is a fluctuation of good times and bad times. It simply isnt. Life should be natural and "free". It isnt obviously, due to a massive population. why wars? Why? It's a horrible world.

    I don't get on with my mum at all, I don't agree with her, she keeps saying I have psychiatric issues when we have an argument. I don't agree at all, she says things at the spurs of the moments. I've said some horrible things to her, but that's because I really don't care about humans opinions now.

    So finally, I just don't want to live anymore. <mod edit - guidelines>
  2. AAA3330

    AAA3330 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry that you feel depressed, but welcome to the forum.
  3. Everymedhasfailed

    Everymedhasfailed Active Member

    Hey there,

    Check your messages as I have Pm'd you, hope that what I have aid makes some sense and strikes a chord, but just know that people on here care and will help in any way that they can!

    Take it easy brother!
  4. little lucy

    little lucy Active Member

    Yeah a lot of humans are just horrible people. There are some that try to help and do something about it. There are many flaws that stop the good people in their tracks though. That's why so many horrible people get away with so many awful things.
  5. Unknown_111

    Unknown_111 Forum Buddy Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Welcome to the forum. You need to stay strong. Yes, the world is a terrible place but you are young and have rest of your life to live.

    Please do not act on any feeling but keep posting here for continuous support.
  6. ChestnutMay

    ChestnutMay Antiquities Friend

    It seems to me you are an intelligent, sensitive human being who is growing from boyhood to manhood and who has reached the age where intelligent sensitive human beings start asking all the Big Questions. Therapy really could help you explore those questions and even find some answers for yourself but it sounds like you view psychiatric care as a stigma, so that creates a dilemma because it really could help. Psychiatry is only one more medical specialty, no more, no less.

    You mention that you're a Catholic going through a crisis of faith. Have you tried talking to your priest? Or reading up on other religions? Not all religions even require you to believe in God (e.g. Buddhism).

    Please be gentle with yourself right now. This is a very difficult time of life.
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