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hi there, i'm a 25 year old guy from the Netherlands, and i have a problem... Well actually its not my problem, but my (ex)girlfriends. She tried to kill herself several times. We broke up recently, and she tried again... We talked about it alot, and i know she really wants it.
I've been thinking about it and came to the conclusion that whatever choises she makes, i'll stand by her side... Even though it hurts alot. But i realise that she's the one being hurt. So it would be selfish to try to stop her from doing it.
Like i said, we broke up recently, but we love eachother very much. And i promised myself and her, to stay by her side... whatever happens.
Maybe we can work things out, i'm not sure...
But for now... I would like to help her, no matter what it will cost me.
I know this forum, might not be the right place to go to, cause most of you have your own problems, but i wanted to talk with people who might understand, and are experienced with this. I can't talk about this with friends, not that im ashamed.
Is there more i can do, except talking and offering her a shoulder to cry on?
I really love this girl, and i will respect and accept every choise she'll make.
But i just want to make things easier for her, i just dont know how or what to do at the moment. There is just one thing i won't do... That's run away for this.
I hope someone can give me advise about this...
I wish everybody all the best, and if there is anyone who needs a friend just to talk... You can always add me to msn.. [email protected]
Thank you...

One love, and respect to all.


I have to say that you strike me as a very noble person, sticking by a suicidal friend or girlfriend or even family member is very hard and most people find it hard to relate unless they have gone through a similar thing. I think that being with her is the best thing you can do, to be able to talk to her, give her a hug when she needs one and to be by her side so the feelings of loneliness do not creep in. However, this is not a cure, she needs professional help and with your attentive care there's a good chance that she can pull through this. I dont know what the medical system is like in the netherlands but try to get her to see a professional asap
Hihi, I'm from the netherlands too. I think you're really the best friend someone can have. I'm to afraid to tell it to my friends, scared they will let me down. I'm sorry, unfortunately I don't know what you can do more for her. I hope someone else has some good advice for you. I guess robins advice is good.
Take care and good luck

P.s. je kan altijd een pm sturen :)


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:welcome: to SF. I agree with what Robin had to say. What you are doing is very admirable. If possible, get professional help to help you both mke it through. Take care. I look forward to seeing you more around the forum.
:welcome: to SF!!! hopefuly you will get want you were looking for out of SF....there are loads of caring, sentitive, supportive people here who have been through or are going through the same expeiriences. Don't be shy...alot of us have very similar problems. I hope to see you around. If you ever want to talk my profile has my msn and yahoo ID's in it.

Glad you decided on SF....:hug: Don't be a stronger....my PM box is always open to you.



Thank you all, for the nice words and the advise:smile:
I hope i can be a friend to those who need it.
If there is anyone who needs a friend, just let me know... and i'll be there.
My ex is feeling a little bit better today, she's going to cook me a meal :biggrin: . We talked and she sounded more positive then the last couple of weeks...
I'll let you know how it went...
Take care all!

And remember... you've got a friend!
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