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hello, im new here

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It seems that all my posts are being watched at the moment, that feels good, I came here to talk and for advice. I am feeling. Really low right now and need to talk. I wish I wE never born. I am transgender if that freeks u out I'm probably in the wrong place.by
Hiya anon o mouse,

welcome to the forum! hope that your ok this evening -depending where you of course!- and you are making some friends here.
feel free to pm me if you want to chat but for now have a look around the place and enjoy! Amy xx


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Welcome to the forums :D

If you ever need to talk feel free to drop me a PM :)

P.S. There's really nothing wrong with being Transgender. If people can't accept that then they don't deserve a good person like you in their lives
Arr thank you for your messages, I had had a little to drink last night and was not feeling good at all. My being TG is the reason I struggle so much in life, I have a male body but am definate all girl inside, Im married and have many good friends that look after me but I still hate every ting. Im sure you have all said it or you wouldnt be here (I want to curl up and Die) one of your other members said it perfectly. If I could have my self put down like a dog I would.

Ive taken flouxitene for over 5 years and have not taken them now for 4-6 months and really dont want to go back to them either. (they made me infertile) and my wife wants a baby. Whilst I was on the pills sex was possible now I cant stand it, this body, every thing is wrong. I HATE MY BODY...:later:


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:welcome: :arms:


I don't believe anyone chooses to struggle... therefore you didn't choose to be TG You are hurting and your feelings are valid!
Please be gentle and kind to yourself! There are no magic wands to make it all go away, we are all struggling in one way or another, but I hope that means that you feel less alone and know you are amongst friends, kind people who care on here!

I hope you soon feel at home and able to keep posting. Take care of you!

Thanks Ditsy, I really dont know If I will stay, but last night I hit a bit of a crisis, that is why I posted. I know for a fact there will be many more days like that one to come.

I think that you all do a great job here keeping each other calm, and you never know, I might decide I like it here after all.

:pinkrose: For being so sweet.
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