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Hello, Im New with Question about Privacy

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I just joined this forum and would like to ask if it is public or private. In other words, how much security is there that wgat I post will not travel the net. I tried to read up on this and understand it, but afraid i'm not very computer savvy so need to keep it simple.

Please let me know. Thanks much.

Welcome to the forum. All the forums that have [members only] at the end of the description are private forums. And thats just about as simple as I can make it.. lol. Hope to see you around.

:welcome: to the Forum, dree :) TDM is right, those forums with 'members only' after them will not come up in search engines. There is a chance (ok, more than a chance) that others will. If you're concerned about people finding out who you are, anonymity is welcomed :)
Hope that helps!
Take care, and if you need anything, feel free to PM me :)



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To Everyone:

Thank you all for your confirmation that this is a private forum. Now, I wonder where and what I can post about how I really feel.

I received a private message that I did not know how to reply to. I need to do a little surfing around this place and learn. So my apologies and also my thanks regarding the meditation technique mentioned. I will certainly try it as lately I am ruminating and that is bad news.

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