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Hello im new ..

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Hello everyone im San .. Not sure what im doing here,i guess im feeling lost ..
A little bit about myself . im married to a very loving lovely man , i have 3 lovely children all grown up and working ..i have a very close family unit, but yet im depressed, ive tried taking my life about 6/7 times this year .. i dont know whats happened to me , up until 2 years ago i was a happy normal person , now im lost , i feel broke , i cant seem to find my on button to switch me back on , im just sooo dead inside ..for the sake of my family i smile and say things are good.. im finding it harder to hold onto life day by day ... sorry for rambling on .... x


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Welcome to SF san. I hope you are able to meet some people here you can connect with. And don't worry about the rambling.. I think we all do it at some point or another. I know I tend to ramble a lot sometimes..

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