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Hi everyone, my name is Eva. I am 18 and have been battling depression for about a year, however, only a month and 1/2 ago did I finally see my doctor about it. He had me on some medication but it hasn't been doing anything for me that I can see. He took me off of it cold turkey because I came down with the flu. He won't put me on anything until I'm completely healthy. So it has been tough.

I found this forum through a google search. I am glad I found it also, I hope I will gain a lot from being on here and being able to talk to y'all.
Hey Eva :smile:

I hope you find what your looking for here :smile:

Hope to see you around

PM me if you need anything :smile: or just a general chat

Please take care

Vikki x


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Welcome to the forum Eva!:smile: I also hope you find comfort and friendship here, as I did when I came. I hope your health improves enough that your doctor can try you on another antidepressant. There are so many different kinds, that work different ways, that I'm sure you'll find one that helps you.

Coming here to let off steam can also be very helpful and I encourage you to come here as often as you have need: to vent, to scream, to cry on our shoulders, to hold on to our hands when you aren't feeling strong.:sad: We are not professionals, but we've all had/are having our share (and then some) of troubles, so we understand all too well when one of our international brothers or sisters is feeling down. We are experienced listeners.:smile:

Welcome, again, to the forum!!:smile:

sending hugs and hope,

Hi. thank you everyone for all yoru support and warm welcomings, I already love it here and I can't thank everyone on here for their support enough.
Hi and welcome, Eva. I am glad you found this place, it is a help and great support and comfort to many people with problems like this. I want you to know that you have nothing to be embaressed about, and we understand, and this is one place you can be "you". You are far from being alone. Try and take care of yourself, and I am here if you ever want to chat or talk or need someone. Don't hesitate to PM me or message me thru MSN and yahoo....the details are below. I hope to see you around really soon hun.

:welcome: !! :hug:
^^^ Thank you ALL so so much. Y'all are so open and nice around here I really appreciate that, you all have been so warm and welcoming, so thank you, really. Thank you :)
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