Hello...I'm sorry Everyone

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    Endless lies......*shuts eyes to stop ters*
    With the worlld full of hate and misgrevience, there's always someone I'll hate or who will hate me **Tears** I just wanted to find some where, were I wouldn't be alone, some wher thy death tear me apart, dule or no dule true hate and endless provoked pain caused by only one laughter of thy lie. :blub:

    Dawn tears drip down my face
    I cry day in and day out
    Un noticible as I am hiiding behinnd a lie once again. Truth thy hurts so bad the pain within ones sould the words of deat engraved within my heart.

    Troll by name troll by nature, am I one as well? Spaming a site do I do, live a life of lies, I don't no. Endless crossed heart with a olld blade stabbed through ones heart ackeing chest, pain is all I feel grace is ones fear :blub:

    I've juust write no sense I know I hate the world so bad right now, let way to many people on here and around me down :(
    No more help no more speaking no more breathing no more pain just the dieing with in wrechred heart :blub:

    Sorry everyone, sorry for all the pain and trama I has caused whilst being a member here, sorry for offending anyone sorry for talking utter nonsense on MSN, sorry for using my sisters facebook sorry ffor lieing about my name, sorry aabout breathing sorry for taking up way to much space, I am sorry :blub: **tears**
    Thank you forr being yourself and taking your time to respond to me, I am sorry :blub:

    Sorry sorry sorry sorry **tears**

    Sorry to all the following

    - Wayne (Angerfist)
    - Krista (Underfined-Beauty)
    - Alison (WildCherry)
    - J (SadEyes)
    - GentleLady
    - Kirsty (Black Orchid)
    - Chris (In Limbo)
    - PollyAnna

    and anyone else who has wasted their valuble time to talk to me sorry **tears**
    I don't deserve to be happy, I don't deserve to be alive, I don't deserve friends, don't deserve support, don't deserve anything **tears**
  2. Cute_Angel_Xx

    Cute_Angel_Xx Account Closed

    Other people I want to say sorry to,

    - TimmyP
    - Sam (LockedInside)
    - Billy (Tiredfighter)
    - Flowers
    - Total-Eclipse
    - Pete4129
    - (All staff)
    - DaveN

    I'm sorry for everything, I've caused.
  3. hollowvoice

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    mistakes happen, putting then right takes time ,but you can only you can
    take care angel
  4. Ouroboros

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    Hey hun,

    I don't know exactly whats happened, i seen some things but I try to stay away from the main forum. From what I have seen I don't think you meant any harm, and hollowvoice is right everyone makes mistakes, you can make up for them if you stay, its harder than running away, but worth the trouble. Whatever you have done I think you are in pain and you maybe sort attention or something to try to be heard in your own way. Everyone deserves happiness, everyone deserves a second chance. Please try to see, you are not so bad, mistakes are just that, its what life is like we make mistakes but whats important is you learn from them. Please stay, please keep posting, you don't need to lie here :hug:
  5. flowers

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    I am going to tell you something. I do not blame you for anything. I blame the pain. The way you can make restitution, if you want to do that, is to work really hard to get better. To recover from that pain. You can work with the mental health counseller. This is the very best way you can change things. I do not want you to leave here. I really dont. I know you have a wonderful heart. I also know that your actions that you are apologizing for come from great and intense pain.

    Stop running, please. Face this with the counsellers. Work on it. Running will get you more of what you have. Facing things and getting help. Working as a team with counsellers will bring back to your good heart, which you do have !!!

    Will you please work with the counsellers? Will you stop pushing them away? I care about you. I see beneeth the pain to a beautiful heart. But I want you to work with counsellers to get better. And please do not leave sf. There are many people who care. Again, its very important for you to work as a team with the counsellers. Even if you have to drag yourself kicking and screaming to do so. Each step of the way. Cooperation with them. Its the way out. And its the action behind an apology. right? I am sorry, and I am doing what I can to change me. Yes? you are a very wonderful good person. I can see that beneeth what causes all that pain and the actions associated with that huge enormous pain. :hug: :hug: :hug: for you for you sweetie
  6. Fitzy

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    Hi Sweety
    I don't know what has been going on but I do know that you respond to a lot of posts and that you show compassion to many people.
    Whatever you have done that you are sorry for has to be weighed against the good you have done - which is the greater?
    Don't beat yourself up! xxxxxxx