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hello, my name is nobody

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so here i am again. for a moment there, i thought i had a chance. a chance to do something right in my life. to help someone.... for them to help me. to create something meaningful and real in this life. to find someone who really cared, but alas, i am a fool. people like me, nobodies, make no difference in any way to anyone. and nobody ever cared about a nobody. i belong to nothing and belong nowhere. when i die there will be no god, no heaven and no hell, all there will be is nothing, and that's fine with me. what better place for a nobody to go then nowhere.

they say that you're nobody 'til somebody loves you, well, nobody loves me so i am nobody. they say success is not measured by how much money you make but by how many friends you have, well, i have no friends, ergot, i am a failure...so i am a nobody who's a complete failure. thank "god" for free will. death i hear you and i'm a comin'.

(what's worse, i'm a self-pitying nobody...argh!)


The biggest loser ever to live.
Sucess is measured by how many friends you have? Well, then I'm a Class A Fucking Failure! :sad:

I myself have no friends, very shy and a loner. I myself am also a self-pitying person, its a really bad situation to be in isn't it?
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