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hello new here

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Hi I am new here. I have been suicidal since early teens. I lost Mom four years ago, I am 38 now. I have no job, and I get no help. But, money I dont even care about. I wake up everyday thinking this will be the day I end it. I go to thereapy when I can afford it, but it does not really help me. Nothing will bring my Mom back. I want to be with her. I know this would hurt her and my family and friends, but if I am the one who has to live with this, whay cant I end it. What makes physical pain worse than emotional pain? If I was dying of cancer and took my own life, people would understand. But if I am suffering emotionally, shouldnt I be able to end it?


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Hi Anne. Sweetie we all feel down at times. Losing your mom so young has to be such a nightmare I am so sorry.
Please don't end anything you are here for a reason and you don't want to hurt the people that love and care about you.
Please pm me if you need to talk k?
Yeah I think that people should be able to choose how and when they leave this life but unfortunately the law and society see things differently to us :-(
Sorry to hear about your mum and that you are so unhappy. Thinking of you x


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Welcome, Anne. :hug: It's nice to meet you. :shake:

I wish you the best with everything and hope that this site is something that will be of some use to you, and as for your mom, may she rest in peace. Take care. ~ Sincerely, Alex ~

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Hugs to you hun You know your mother would not want you to do harm to you hun She would want you to celebrate life hun Live for her hun do somethng that will commemorate your mother okay that will keep her memory alive hugs


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I know she wants me to be happy. but I dont know if i can go on like this. If she wants me to be happy she would understand i need to leave this place
Hi Anne. Glad to hear you are feeling better, life is a rollercoaster of emotions. I came very close to ending it a little while back but like you, glad I didn't. The dark times will get less and less for you, stay strong.
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