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Hello, newbie?

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Hey, was just searching the internet. I am 14 female, my names Kirsty. I guess I just want to make some new friends and get some support, I have used a forum like this before, but never really found my way round, so if I stop posting, it basically means the site is a bit confusing for me, I like in Ireland, parents are thinking about moving to Liverpool soon, which I am so excited about and can't wait. But I just don't really want to cope with my emotions alone. So hope you don't mind me being a member and I hope I can help some other members with my secret words of wisdom ;) :snake: Aww Cute dancing snake.


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Hi, Kirsty. Welcome to SF! I'm sure you'll meet lots of nice people here and get lots of support should life begin to feel rough for you. See you around the forums :)


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Welcome to the forums.. There are plenty of members in your age bracket.. Then you have old farts like me who are willing to help support you..
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