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Hello SF

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Hi all,
Im 26 male and from London uk
I cant say that i am suicidal, i have a daughter so i would never kill myself but i often wish i could. I am fucking depressed though. I had a shitty child hood and got beat a lot, never really loved and ended up having to grow up and teach my self how to be an adult. made a lot of mistakes along the way, became a drug addict and alcoholic. Managed to give up the drugs when my daughter was born but never kicked the drink.....
Anyway, sorry.... theres more to it than that but this is meant to be a hello post

So Hello Everyone :)
hello and welcome to SF.. Feel free to post in the suicide forum section if you are feeling suicidal.. The people here are friendly.. Once again, feel free to PM anyone if you are feeling uncomfortable revealing your problems.. :hugtackles:


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Welcome and aglad you found us...sounds like you have done so much to work on yourself, so you have the last leg to go...maybe including the guidance of a professional will help guide you along the way...welcome again, J
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