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Hello, thank goodness for all of you

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by David_rj_green, Mar 21, 2015.

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  1. David_rj_green

    David_rj_green New Member

    Dear members,
    As a long time sufferer of depression and anxiety and currently off work, I am very disappointed to work within a foremost employer in the employment area. We have procedures for everything and a piece of prose to constitute understanding of mental health. However, I don't think the managers actually have a clue what that what they describe in this piece of prose does not mean that the department has a full understanding of mental health/mental illness. If only a piece of writing could alleviate mental health issues that quickly.
    They are very good at creating supposed documents about how an individual's mental health issues will be managed and help provided but as I discovered it is simply words with no meaning or intent. Their support is to issue a letter for a meeting to potentially dismiss someone, calling what was supposedly said in a telephone conversation to a colleague (admittedly it was not rational) as a threat to another colleague's life.
    The stress that this department causes and has caused to me over several years has been unacceptable but the powers that be are too ignorant to see that one cannot treat sufferers of mental ill-health in a way that causes even more stress. The very fact that communication from senior managers has and remains exceptionally poor will continue to exacerbate my condition until they (I suppose) dismiss me through their blinkered way in which they treat employees with mental health.
    I just wish that this department would realize that a "one-size" fits all policy and with no real; understanding or desire to have understanding of mental ill-health is not suitable for purpose.
    So I am now in agony and stressed out by a poor manager (Rolfe) who has sought to get me out of my job by hook or by crook and never to understand my health issues. My son has schizophrenia, my Wife has bipolar but this man is very myopic in seeing the full picture.
  2. betteroffunknown

    betteroffunknown Well-Known Member

    Hi, David!

    Welcome to SF!

    Sorry to hear of the struggles you face with management. I agree it's far too common a practice of companies to be dismissive of ones mental health issues; there's no time (so they think) for any understanding. Then again, I guess we also need to be willing to stand up to help them understand (without going overboard). I can't help but think, that at least in part, because it's less understood and less intangible (in a way) in their eyes than other health issues it makes it less 'important' to them. They don't realize that they're not addressing it only compounds matters and makes it worse.

    Yet ironically when they hear something on the news involving mental health they complain instead of seeing it as an opportunity to be a part of a healthy solution in their own backyard (so to speak). Even more ironic is that they can't see that by their actually helping (as opposed to being dismissive) it would actually be an immense benefit to them (as well as yours/ours).

    Is there any one person there that you might be closer to that you can share your struggles with, help them understand, and/or who might be able to help be an advocate for what you're experiencing now? If not, I can't help but wonder if maybe there is an advocacy place, outside of where you're employed, that might be able to help. (Just a thought.)

    Hope the best for you in these challenges that you face, and again, welcome to SF.

    All the best!
  3. Jericho

    Jericho Well-Known Member

    Hello David,

    Welcome to the forum! I hope that you can find comfort and support here, as most of us have. Don't hesitate to tell us how you feel and what is going on in your life. Chances are that one or more of us have gone through or are currently going through something similar. Once again, welcome to SF!

    Always be safe.
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