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Hello To All

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I was doing a Google search on "Suicide Forums" and this was the first to appear. I must say that after reading some posts I knew this was the one to join. So many others are very depressing, even discussing how to commit suicide etc. When one is very down, that sort of reading just makes matters worse. This forum appears to have people who are understanding, non-judgmental and it also seems to give one a place to sound off when things get really bad.

For starters, I have suffered from bad depression, especially during the last several years. Sometimes I have to fight my suicidal feelings on a daily basis. And for the record, I am also a self-injurer--something which I find many people don't quite understand. As another SI put it "The other side of the self-mutilating coin is not to self-mutilate. The other side of that coin is actually committing suicide, and self-injury is the sharp turn one takes so as not to try and end one's life". I hope that sort of makes sense.

My suicidal feelings come from the fact that I have developed almost unbearable full body pain from a botched surgery in 1992. Tried to sue but back then my diseases were barely known to the medical community and no doctor would testify in my behalf. Also the fact that we went through a bankruptcy after being taken over by predatory lenders, were in and out of court for 2 years over it. Finally found out the IRS is going to take almost all of our money for taxes due to the fact we received a paltry settlement over this. We were VICTIMS; they are the crooks, yet we are still being victimized by the system. That was the final straw. We had been counting on that money to help us get our own home again. That was when I took the overdose....

Don't remember much because I had a "blackout". So here I am, hoping to learn from others and maybe being of some use myself. Anyway, I've certainly written enough for now.

Thanks for reading.
:welcome: to SF. You are right when you said you found us to be a place where people care about you and understand some of the things you are going through. While no two people have exactly the same experiences, we can still relate to you. You will find that we do have many members that SI and can relate there as well. We are a pro life site and do our best to support each other and help us get through the rough times. Thank you for sharing what you have with us. I hope to see you around and get to know you even better. Take care. :hug:


Hello DA and welcome. When I first came here I was at the bottom of the barrel. I have lived with depression for years. I was certain that there was no alternative other than to end it. But I found people willing to listen to me without judging me. Total strangers who reached out and their interest was genuine. I'm happy to say I am doing much better now, and that this forum can be a healing place if you let it. Feel free to PM me anytime at all ok?
Welcome to this magnificent community of caring people!!!!! wooot! :tongue: .. :) I hope you like it here and if you would ever like to chat or anything give me a message hun ;) :hug: and :welcome: !!!1 :laugh:

jane doe

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welcome to the forum.i´m here if you evern need to talk, especialy about SI. we all here try to help each other and you´ll find that talking with people can help YOU a lot, and the other people too. so donn´t hesitate iin pm me at any time. You won´t be judged here because we all understand each other and we want everyone get better. well take care and once again welcome!!!!!!!
Wow, thank you all for the warm welcome. It's great knowing I can come here and not be told I'm "crazy" or "there's always someone worse off than you" etc. etc. Perhaps just expressing myself here and trying to help others will keep the monster at bay.

Love the quotes...I have that one about "hurting myself on the outside" etc. A lot of people misunderstand SI.

I think depression and suicidal thoughts are especially hard to control when they are caused by actual external events that one has little or no control over, which is the way things stand with me. Perhaps I'll find the courage to post about some of them; right now, I look upon this board as a haven from the outside world.

The best part of all is knowing that I am not alone. Again, thanks all for the big warm welcome!

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