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hello to all

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hi.. i'm Daisy... I'm sure u all can guess why I am here... I've come here for some support... I have no support system in my life.. and the days are getting harder...

anyway.. very nice to meet u.
Hi Daisy, I recently joined as well for the same as you maybe. My reasons are thoughts of suicide and tired of feeling lonely.

I am Danny, nice to you. You should come on the chats and make friends or vent out in the trigger room on the chat. I found lots of people understand and can relate to what I am going through.


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Hi and welcome...so glad you are here for support...when you feel more comfortable, please tell us what is going on for you...welcome again, J


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Hi Daisy, Welcome to the forums..Don't be afraid to vent here no one will judge you.. Thats why were here to help you with support,,
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