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    Hello world. And hello self.
    I'm capable and healthy.
    But getting off the bed and out of the house each day has becoming a challenge. Life is still tiring even when im most rational and "here".
    I've been stalling these past 3 years, I cannot go on like this forever. I refuse to.
    I know what my problems are and I know how to better myself.
    Words are meaningless if my actions cannot back them up, just like the saying a journey begins with the first step, efforts are required to improve any situation.
    But after all that said and done, knowing the whats and hows, still, waking up on each new day I feel my strength weaken, as a person im becoming more and more detached and indifferent.
    A part of me asks, why bother? Another part asks, why not?
    It takes great courage to live through life, I guess I'm just curious to see if I can handle it. I'd like to believe that I can.
    But how much longer can I really hang on when I have no passion for it? I can think of many reasons to get excited over tomorrow - the future - but my passion for life has dried up. Life is elsewhere. Here, im just existing. :dry:

    Life still goes on, even for an existing-er.
    So enough of this, time to get some nap.

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    welcome to the forum and hope the support here can give you back that want to try something different to jump start your wanting to live again. Even if it is a course of interest anything to bring you enjoyment take care.