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  1. Jarhead

    Jarhead New Member

    Hello My names Jar-Head, abit about me.

    I have suspected DID or something like that. At the moment im not sure what it is.

    I have struggles with my life, as i cant controle 90% of what i do and i also tend to lose what little controle i do when i drink, im an ex-alcoholic and have been to jails and hospital many times and im only 21. The local police have found me some help recently because they now beleave me after a recent insadent when i was sober and tryed to jump out of a window.

    My real name isnt (Jarhead) and because of my nature i wont tell anyone what it is. In the past few days after tellin alot of people about my problem it has gotten worse. Ive had my GF for over 2 years and she didnt have a clue. I blamed it all on depression Lucky for me shes still standing by me.

    Im here for help for her aswell as me, i need questions answerd about my condition and how it would be possible to control it.

    All the best.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi JD welcome to SF hun I am glad the pollice have found you some support hun You deserve compassion. We are here for you too ok so when ready post away hugs
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