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    Hey, I`m Oana. Anxiety, self-harm. Suicide. Pain. My eyes are hurting.. I got here while searching online support for SH and suicide. I had about 30 halves attempts (does that even make sense ??)..
    My mom (single parent) doesn`t know about anything, she simply thinks I`m more of an Introvert. I CAN`T let her find out, I`m too scared of her reaction. So put a fake smile on now and than to keep suspicions out and pretend you`re ok, that`s what my life is kinda like. It sucks. REALLY sucks.
    In the last 2 years I, unintentionally, banished all my friends because I find it harder and harder to talk to people.. I DO want to change that.. or more likely I know I should. But I can`t...I feel like I`m lying to them. Plus that like isolation, some times I find it tiresome to socialize.. Most people think suicidal persons are crazy, so can`t tell `em. That would mean to pretend to be happy for hours talking to the so-called `friends`, knowing that if they`d knew the real me they would just try to keep as far as possible. Nope. won`t do that, so I`m here.. We understand eachother... at least pretty much, right ?
    So, nice to meet you, anybody reading this, hope we can be friends :) Thanks
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    Hi Oana and big welcome to you now!!!! You have lots of company here that feel the same much too often.. Thanks for taking down your walls and just being you here.. That is good and what this place is all about!!!

    Hope to hear from you some more..try to stay safe please..TC, Jim
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