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  1. I'm here because I need help. I've been told I'm ugly too many times. I literally have no friends. I'm 32 and no friends. It's bad. I've been told by other people that I look like my lower lip is going to swallow my entire face. How would that make you feel if you read that every time someone comments on a picture you post? I know that I'm ugly now. But what hurts the most, is that I've been told that no woman will ever date me because I am ugly. I won't go through life alone, I won't. I can't.
    So I'm here to chat with others who have felt the same way so that maybe I can feel better about myself. I'll try my best.
  2. total eclipse

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    Hi welcome to SF I am sorry people are so cruel I know it has been said before but outer appearances is not what makes a relationship you can find someone
    YOur lower lip have you talked to a doctor about it perhaps something can be done cosmetically to help reduce it size if it helps you feel better about yourself
    Nice to meet you
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    hello... i too have the same problem, i have dated in the past and have lost someone close to me. since then though i have seen nothing but rejection, attitude and insult from some women who i have approached. i feel at my age of 41 that i will never date again, my self esteem is at a all time low, along with my confidence. i dont know if there is a place for anyone along my side either, and i too dont want to go on alone forever... im too old for this nonsense... maybe just maybe with some professional help and support from the good folks here, we both could weather this storm?
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