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  1. Cherry Blossoms

    Cherry Blossoms New Member

    My name is Sukura or Cherry blossoms in japenese. i fugred that Cherry Blossoms would be easier to say for most people. I"m gAay and come this december will have been with my boyfriend for a whole year. My life hasn't been all that good. but long ago i made a promise to myself to help epople in anyway i could. it does take me a while to trust. but i'm still there for my firends. even if it is the firstime i met them. I'm here just to help people out.

    My favorite quote is from "the pathfinder" : "Everyman has two wolves in his heart. One of hate and one of Love. "Who wins?" "The one he feeds the most."

    what i gathered from this quote is that if you chose love over hate. that hate will run from you.

    Love has never failed me in my 18 years. and i hope that each of the people here will feel the power and mercy of love.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi Cherry Blossoms nice to meet you I do like your saying very wise it is
  3. Hello Cherry Blossom! Nice to see you here. I really enjoyed your quote, there's a ton of truth to it.
  4. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    HI Cherry B.. welcome.. glad to have you with us now.. helping others is a good goal but maybe also getting a bit of help for yourself is good also....
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