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Hi I'm new here. Just wanted to say hey. I have alot of issues from my past and I will talk about them over time. I'm pretty open to discussing things and am a good listener. Right now I'm can't work so I'm just getting by. I do enjoy the area I live, it's in a valley surrounded by mountains with a river running thru it. It is a lovely place to heal. That's it.

Welcome to Suicide Forum!! I am glad you decided to join here, and I hope you like this forum, it's become a home away from home to many many others. I hope it's as helpful to you as it is to me. I am sorry about your past, they can be ugly, mine was, but it'll be OK Hun. And the description of where you are staying now sounds absolutely beautiful and peaceful! I hope the environment helps you. Anyway, if you ever need anything just let me know and I am here if you'd like a friend. Hang in there Hun, OK? :hug: :hug: :hug:


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Hi and :welcome: to the forum

I'm glad that you found us and hope you feel able to share as much, or as little, as you want with us

Look forward to seeing you around
Jenny x


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Hello and welcome to Sf, you've come to the right place to talk about your issues and the ability to listen is always much appreciated here.
Where you live sounds lovely, peaceful and healing, a place to reflect and dream of a better future.

Take care
Hazel :hug:


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Hi sheshe and welcome to the forum

Your home sounds wonderful.

I will be looking forward to hearing more from you when you feel comfortable.

Again, welcome


jane doe

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hwllo and welcome to the forum. we all try to help each other so don´t hesitate in ask for help. if you want to talk you can pm me at any time, i´ll be here for you.
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