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  1. Geoffers

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    Hi, I'm Geoffers. I came across this site accidentally while looking at a "How to.........." site, glad I did. I went there because a few years ago I took whatever drugs were in the house and was really pissed off that I woke up in hospital. I've just turned 56 and over christmas and my birthday I realized just how alone I am. That's partly due to my own fault because I can't help myself but push people away at times,and then it's impossible to go back there. Including my own daughter - it's now 7 years since I saw her. I tried to contact her a while ago but she wouldn't respond to me. While I was looking for her I found out that she was now married and had 2 kids. When I was made redundant in October it was like my last refuge was taken from me. My isolation just seems to have gotten worse as facebook, twitter and so on have become more popular,but I can't bear to use them as I feel like I'm living in a glass bowl and everybody knowing my business. Even the rise of CCTV makes me want to stay in the house more - I've got nothing to hide, but it's nobody else's business where I go and what I do, which is why I'm finding it so hard to post this on here (this is the third day now that I''ve started doing this, and I'm goingto stop before I delete it all again).
  2. Northern

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    A lot of isolated people here. Try to share and talk, it will help you get used to it.
  3. kristellechou

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    I found this board through a how to site, too. I haven't been back these since. stay here with us, ok?
  4. Miss Invisible

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    Hi Geoffers,
    Welcome:) The more you talk, the better you may feel. Don't be afraid there's no judgment here, just support.
  5. Petal

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    Hi and welcome to the forum although I believe we've already met. Welcome :)
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