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My name's Eva.

This is the first time I've used one of these things...but I kind of just lost it today, and needed someone to talk to.

Most people laugh at me when I say this, but it's true.

I feel terrible.

So I thought, maybe if I don't know the person I'm talking to, it may make it easier when they decide to tell me I don't belong in this world...

Just a passing thought.

Ah well.

Maybe I will meet someone who won't laugh at me and tell me I'm being silly.


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Im not laughing.. and I dont think your silly at all..

welcome to the forum hun =) hope we can help =)

Take care, Ally _%
:welcome: to SF. We are here to offer you support in any way we can to help you feel better about things. We will not laugh at you or feel you are being silly for feeling as you do. Many of us have more than likely shared some of your experiences. We understand what it is like to be where you are now. I hope you feel comfortable in sharing with us. Come into chat if you want to get to meet some great people. You can also PM someone if you would like to speak to them and nowone else. I am around if you need someone to talk with. PM me and I will get back with you as soon as I can. Take care hun, and many welcomes. :hug:


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No way I'm gonna laugh at you, I'm sure you'll fit in just fine here and I hope you enjoy your stay here, WELCOME!!!! :biggrin:


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syiah-san!!! *hugs*

I hope we can be friends.

No one will laugh at you, everyones cool here, except me I's a loser but I is the minority here.

jane doe

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welcome to the forum. here we all try to HELP each other, so we won´t laugh at you. I´m always here if you want to talk, so feel free to pm me at any time. take care hun, you´ll find out how nice is this place. Good luck;


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I certainly won't laugh at you and you're not being silly either. THis is a support forum, we support those who need support and affection and friendship. Welcome to the forum, I"m sure you'll find it helpful.:smile:

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