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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by hide, May 14, 2015.

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  1. hide

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    Hello everyone , I'm new here , I have 27 years and my English is not very good , I speak Eng , anyway , although I have no suicidal tendencies , I hope to read who want to be read, and if possible .
  2. JmpMster

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    Welcome to SF. We have lots of people from all over the world and lots that English is a second language so no worries. Just answer posts or share your thoughts in a new thread as you like :)
  3. Petal

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    Welcome to the forum :hugs: I think you're very brave to open up to us and talk about your feelings, I hope we can help you in some way :hugs:
  4. Cicada 3301

    Cicada 3301 Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Hello and welcome :hug: Don't worry about your English, a close friend of mine on this forum spoke English as a second language. Hope you can find the support you are looking for and make some kind friends in the process :)
  5. hide

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    Thank you very much , actually I do not seek support for a couple of years left my depression and stepped forward , my passage through this forum is to find someone to listen , or just know the life of other people who want to be heard
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