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hello all! I'm really new to all this. My daughter and best friend committed suicide Feb 7, 2007. I found this forum link in her e-mail account & thought I might be able to find some answers here. Anyway, hello.


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Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your losses. I hope you find the answers you are looking for. I'm not really good with words, so I'll keep it short.

Hope you can find solace in what you find here.

Yours truly,



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:welcome: to SF. I am not sure what kinds of answers you are looking for, but I can tell you we are a community of very supportive people. I hope we are able to help you out with some of your needs. I am saddened to hear of your daughter and best friend. That must be a very difficult thing for you to deal with. I am around if you need someone to talk with. You can PM me if you would like. I will answer as soon as I can. Please take care. :hug:


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Dear Mom;

Welcome to the forum.:smile: I'm truly sorry to hear of your loss.:sad: If we can help you in any way, from listening to reaching out, to being a shoulder to cry on or lean on, please don't hesitate to ask. We're a very supportive community and understand the problems of others as we have our own problems. Again, welcome to the forum.:smile:

love and hugs,



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Hi there,

:welcome: to the forum. I too am very sorry for your loss, but i hope that we can help somehow. If you ever want to talk, please know that we'll listen and do our best to support you.

Please take care, i really am thinking about you
Jenny x

jane doe

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hi and welcome to the forum. We all here try to help each other, and if you need to talk we all are here here for you hun, as we were before for your daughter. it will sound like an echo of the rest of the replyes, but it´s true like them, i´m sorry for your loss, and if you ever need to talk, we are, so don´t hesitate in pm me or any of us whenever you need to talk. I hope you find the support you´re looking for. take care;)
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