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I suppose its about time i introduced myself...im 16 and i dance 13-16 hours a week. Im really not going to say much and in due time i will certainly let you all know who i am as a person but for now i prefer to remain in the background. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
Hi, and welcome to the forum :)

It's perfectly fine that you choose to remain in the background :)

I'm 16 too, by the way :)

Take care, and hope to see you around :)



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Welcome to the forum Blackhole!:smile: Speak of what you want when you want - we're patient and will still be here when you feel like talking!:smile:

:welcome: to SF blackhole. It is okay if you are not comfortable in sharing about yourself quite yet. When the time comes we will be ready to listen. Take care. :hug:

Welcome to the forum. I hope you get something out of the time you will be spending here If you'd ever like to talk, just PM me I am here anytime for you. And.. if you need nything just let me know, if I can't help I will find someone who can. Take care :hug: :hug:

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hi and welcome. whenever you need to talk you can let us know, whe won´t make you say anything you don´t want, as we eon´t judge you for any reason. take care
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