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Today has been worse than usual, so I decided to join this forum. I'm not very good at talking about how I am feeling or just emotions in general. It's just how I was raised I guess. I just feel like my problems could be so much worse, but I still get sad and worn out when I think about them and have to deal with them. I guess I hope that this helps me to be able to deal with my emotions and feelings better and that I can help support other people who feel like this too.


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Hi and welcome to the forum, I think I replied to another thread of yours a few moments ago, giving you a warm welcome and I hope you like it here and find SF friendly and supportive :)


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Heya, fixture. Interesting name. Welcome to the forum. This is a good place to try to sort out your feelings and maybe start talking some of them out. Maybe it's easier to write them down than verbalize them. Talking is a real good thing sometimes :) Keep posting. We're here for ya.
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