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  1. coyrogers

    coyrogers Member

    Hi. My name is Coy, I'm a 20 year old male. I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada, I'm orginally from North Carolina, USA. I am currently a full-time student studing film. I'm not sure why I joined this forum, If I had to say anything it would be to talk to people who are and have delt with the same issues as I am/have been going through. Ummm..well this is the hard part I guess. I have been cutting myself since I was 14. Not on a daily occasion but a few times a month usually. I just recently told one of my good friends about it, she is the only one..to my knowledge that knows. I've also been bulimic for about 8 months now, and as of late I've been abusing alcohol and drugs. I'm not sure what exactly spawned these things to happen, but they just did, I guess I never noticed it as a problem. I'd have a rough week and school, one slice to my leg, and I felt something. I've gotten so numb from life, I keep having to do more things to make me feel something. I don't see the cutting as a huge problem, I would like to stop, it's not life threating in my eyes. I'm not quiet sure about the bulimia. I am a large fellow, I am not doing it to loose weight, it's just everytime I eat, I just have the urge to get rid of it. So I go to the bathroom. Noone knows this, not even my roommates. And as of late I have begun drinking heavily and using drugs, nothing to intense just pot, but I am afriad of it leading to something more.

    So yeah, theres my sad story, I'm sure we all have them. I am somewhat happy that I can say anything I want to hear, and hopefully not be judged or looked down upon, and do this some what privately.


  2. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni


    Welcome to the forum hun, i'm sorry to hear about all the problems you are having.. I have most of the problems you've talked about.. I know it's not easy to deal with those problems... If you need a friend please know i'm here anytime you need to talk, if you want to add me to messenger or anything.. my ID's are in my profile. Hang in there and take care. :hug:
  3. Allo..

    Allo.. Well-Known Member

    Welcome to SF coy,
    nice to have you on board..

    ever need anything feel free to give me a yell :hug:

    Take care,
    Ally _%
  4. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    Welcome to the forum Coy.

    I hope you find some support here with us.

    Please take care.

    Vikki :hug:
  5. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    :welcome: to SF. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I hope we are able to help support you. Please take care. :hug:
  6. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    Hi and welcome to SF :)

    I hope you get the support you're looking for here :)

    Take care, and look forward to seeing you around :) :hug:

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