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Hi @MsLeftie and welcome to SF! I'm glad you're here, I hope you find what you're looking for. We're always here to listen, to offer some empathy or advice, to share maybe... or just to stay in silence together if that's what you wish. No pressure. * hugs *


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(((Welcome))) hope you don’t navigating easy.

I usually hang out in chat
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And everywhere in between!
Hope to see you and your avatar around!

Glad you found SF!!


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Hi @MsLeftie

There's no rush to share anything but we're here to listen when you feel comfortable enough *hug

I'm glad you've found us and look forward to seeing you around the forums


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New here, just thought I would say hello to start, maybe I'll share what's happening when I find my feet here.
Welcome to the forum and SF family. We are a caring community and we care for anyone hurting in the world which includes YOU. Please tell us your story so we can help you in your hour of need too.
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