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    OK i have had a number of problems for the last few years and i am at a point in my life when i see everything as too much of a challenge. A few years ago maybe i would of been able to pick myself up and fought but now to be honest i couldn't give a shit !! the sad thing is i have a pretty big family and a close circle of friends and since 2004 my life as gone to pieces and not one person as took me to one side and offered help ! Now i don't feel pissed by this but it makes me wonder what the fuck friends and family are for ? are they only there for the good times? i have seen my GP and been let down with shit advice and have been on the waiting list since Jan 2005 to see a counsellor ... so i just thought i'd stick a post up here and try and let a few things out if anyone is prepared to listen lo .... thanks
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    Yeah, mostly. Unless a problem is made known. PPP sometimes, we have to really advocate for ourselves in life, make it known that we're having problems, and ask for help. Have you taken these steps with all your loved ones and been shunned?

    Keep posting. :shake:

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    I have found how unreliable people can be. I have only a few friends, but they are the best and would help in any way they can; and I'd do the same for them. If I meet someone who isn't up to those standards, I don't really want anything to do with them. I get made fun of (so to speak) for not having a lot of friends, but I prefer quality over quantity. It's true though, that you have to ASK for help. My boyfriend needs help a lot and he will tell people his problems, but he won't be like, "Hey, I really need you to....". Sometimes you just have to grovel if you're desperate. It sucks, but I have been there many times.
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    "Hope trumps experience, it's God's joke on the human race."

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