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  1. thl

    thl Well-Known Member

    I really don't know what to write, so don't expect a brilliant introduction. I think my life should be considered a normal life without big problems. Probably it is and Ii only create problems in my head. My bigges problem is that I have no more reasons to go on. All my wishes are impossible to realise and sadly I can't blame myself for screwing them up. I do my best, my "friends" say that I'm a wonderful person but I'm always the last wheel of the car (sorry, can't translat this in english... it's almost the same as being the last choice for everything). It also seems I'm good only for solving other peoples IT problems. If there are no problems with a PC or something geeky it's like I don't exist.
    Today I've written my very own testament, giving everything I can to my only friend (there's a part that goes to my parents even if I don't want to... Italian laws...).
    I don't think about suicide as now (I did in the past), but I will not be sad if a bad accident occours to me, possibly without damage to other peoples

    Enought for now

    thanks for reading

  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Welcome Thi you sound like a very helpful person I am glad you have a good friend to support you and glad you came here for support as well Post whatever you feel okay it helps to take the pain away sometimes. Nice to have you here
  3. thl

    thl Well-Known Member

    thanks ~violet~. I think she's a good friend. Unfortunately she want to be only a friend, and there are no hopes that will change in this life. So her support is limited until I can see her only as a friend. And this will take about an eternity to happen. Maybe I shold move to a different forum section ...
  4. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hi thl, welcome to SF :) Don't worry, your english is fine!

    I know the feeling of 'feeling invisible' too. I hope we can support you through this :hug:
  5. Dragon

    Dragon Staff Alumni

    Hi there :) Welcome. :hug:
  6. boo

    boo Well-Known Member

    Welcome to sf, i hope you'll find comfort and friendship here.
  7. winstonsam

    winstonsam New Member

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  8. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    :welcome: to the forum thl. :hug:
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