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Err, 'lo. I'm LeaveMeAlone's sister, just call me Stray or Kit or something.

I'm not sure what to say as an introduction, I figured I'd save all the heart-rendering stuff for another section of the board, so I'll just give the basics, I guess. I'm nineteen, currently (but not for long) living with my brother and about to become homeless, I should be starting some kind of Advertising and Multimedia, Culture and Communications joint degree at University soon, providing nothing goes tragically wrong.

I like... writing, reading, I used to like art, and I still like curling up in dark corners and doing absolutely nothing. Oh yes, and I'm very, very, very sad.

I think that'll do as an introduction. Nice to meet you all.
:welcome: to SF Stray_kitten. I am sorry to hear of all the difficulties you are facing or soon will be facing. I hope you are able to find some of the emotional support you need to make it through these rough times. Take care. :hug:
:welcome: to the Forum :)
Your degree sounds very interesting :) Wish I was doing something similar, with mine you have to take five different subjects in the first year, so I don't get to take just journalism and history until next year :dry:
Dark corners are good. Just don't stay in them too long :)
Take care, I hope to see you around - in chat, maybe - and if you need anything just post or PM :)

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