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i've been struggling with bipolar disorder for 7 years now. i'm on new meds even now, so you can see how well it's all worked out for me. it's difficult because most people i talk to tell me that it's "all in my head" and that i can overcome this if only i decide "not to feel depressed." i only wish they knew. sometimes, i wish i had a physical disability instead, that way they could SEE that something was wrong. i would never wish this on my worst enemy, but it hurts when no one understands that you are sick.

i found this forum on accident. i was fantasizing about suicide again and simply wondered if anyone else out there was talking about it. having read many of the posts, i realize now that i'm not the only one and there are people in the world who can understand where i'm coming from. all at once, i didn't feel so alone.

i hope that i can be supportive to others. i still go through really rough patches, but when i do feel good, i know that being there for others is so important. i'd like to say thank you to others for sharing. i know there's somewhere i can go now where people know what it's like to feel this way.


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Hello and welcome to SF :)

I'm really glad that you found this forum.. sounds like you really could do with a safe place to talk where people will understand and not judge you.

I can relate to what you say about sometimes prefering a psyical disability.. It's hard for people who haven't suffered from depression to understand what it's really like. If we had a broken leg it would be simple to show them where it hurts and they wouldn't be telling us things like 'oh get over it, just walk on it'!

Anyway, welcome to the forum.. i look forward to seeing you around. And good luck with the new meds. I hope they work out for you

jenny x

PS hopefully we can get your username 'alwaysalone' to be untrue now.. cos you're not always alone.. you have us :)


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Welcome and glad you found us too...as you said, i am sure there are ppl here who can relate to what you are saying...it is heartening to know you are not alone...welcome again, and please let us know how you are doing...big hugs, Jackie
I would like to welcome you, too. I am glad you are feeling better already. Stick around and we'll do what we can to offer you support. Take care. :hug:
:welcome: to the Forum :)
I can only agree with everyone else, I'm glad you found us :)
I'm sure you'll find friendship, support and understanding here :)
Take care, and if you need anything feel free to PM,

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