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  1. emptyh0le

    emptyh0le New Member

    hello. I am new here. I joined in a moment of weakness when my conscious mind drifted away from my self and I filled myself with the darkness of my life. I am trying to learn how to embrace more of my good nature and too how to fill the world with what I know to be good in myself. I am reminded of an episode of naruto where sasuke was talking about a frog at the bottom of a well. The frog knew a lot about darkness being that he was at the bottom of the well but the moral of the story was that it knew more of the sky because all it has ever been looking at was the light and the sky being that it was always at the bottom of the well. So that is what I am trying to teach myself how to do.
    I am 26 years old living on the east coast of america. Nice to meet you. I'm not sure how active I will be but I will come by every now and then. I hope I am not a problem. sometimes i give in to my darkness and its scary. its one thing to be surrounded by darkness, but its another thing to fill yourself with that darkness as if it is what you are when it is not. i think there is beauty in difference.
    anyway nice meeting you.
  2. Soul of a Dragon

    Soul of a Dragon Well-Known Member

    Hey there fellow philosopher :D
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Nice meeting you welcome to SF
  4. Stranger1

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    Welcome to the forums!!
  5. gentlelady

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    :welcome: to SF :shake:
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