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  1. Baba

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    I am Baba, and i'm a survivor of a period of chronic depression that lasted for about one year straight, three years ago.

    I'm sure that you'll find out about me more in my posts, after all, you can only comprehend through experience.

    However, I am no longer depressed. In fact, i have been incredibly happy, and probably the happiest i've ever been for the past three years has been through the past year and a half of what i call "great observances", or periods of deep thinking, where i made deep connections from concept to concept and began to understand the process of thinking and other mind abilities.

    Perhaps when i'm less tired i'll explain further, for i don't want to interpret it incorrectly, but i feel i can make changes in the lives of others, as i already have to several close friends, who themselves have come close to the metaphorical brink.

    As this is my first post here, i would like to state two things that i believe are very important:

    1. I am your equal, and you are mine. If it ever appears that there is imbalance, it is because one is speaking from a different area, or commonly put, "giving a hand up".

    2. I intend absolutely NO negativity. I only intend positivity. I will NEVER hurt someone intentionally; it would be irrational.

    And with that, i believe i am introduced.
  2. IV2010

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    Hi and welcome baba...I'm glad you want to help out.
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