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Hello Everybody,

My name is Joseph and I'm a ex suicidal teenager. All my life I had been dealing with depression and suicide. About a year ago I started taking anti depressants and the depression/suicidal thoughts went away. So now I'm here to help people like me because suicide sucks I tried it and I felt even worse. So if you need a friend to talk to I'm here.

hey joseph welcome to SF, i think your so kind to lend your time and feelings to others in need, thats a very nice thing to do

take care

vikki x


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Hi Joseph and :welcome: to the forum,

I'm really glad to hear that the depression and suicidal thoughts have gone for you.. that's great news and good to hear.. that in itself can give people hope..

I look forward to hearing more from you
Jenny x
:welcome: to SF hun! Glad you found us, it is so wonderful of you to come here to help people.

You have such a kind heart. :hug:

Glad you're here. :shake: :wave:


Sa Palomera

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also from me a big :welcome: to SF. It's a very nice thing to register here to help others, Joseph :hug: thanks a lot for that. And remember if you ever need a talk or anything, I'm just a pm away :hug:

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