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Hi... my problem is that I feel very lonely and I feel that no one really understands me or at least tries to... All that I really need are some friends...that won't disappoint me. It feels like those who called themselves friends were all fake and they really didn't care about me. I don't know...maybe I have a problem or I am just not a pleasant person to be around. It makes me think that my existence is worthless.


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Don't worry about yourself as a person, nobody is worthless.
A lot of people only are friends as long as it's convenient to them, it's not your fault.
I always did a lot for everyone i knew, and when i got in a difficult time then most people didn't care about it or didn't even bother to talk to me.
real friends don't let each other down, if they don't even try to understand you then they don't deserve you as a friend either.
I know being lonely can be very difficult, and it's really hard to change that, just keep hoping that someday good things will happen.

If talking about it helps then hang around on the forum a bit.
I sure think I'll hang around here for a time....It's really nice to have someone to talk to. But still...it's hard knowing there is no one who really cares...


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Welcome to SF. Glad you came and hope you stay. Youre not worthless. People are strange. Most people that call me their friend are fair weather friends to me. They are only around if they want something or are in a crisis situation. I am in my late 40s and have 3 people that I can truly call my friend and one of them is questionable. People come and people go. Not just by birth or death but just who crosses your path at that point in your life. Once you find a GOOD friend, male or female, never lose contact with that person. No matter what. I dont know if you will find a good friend here but you will find people that are willing to listen and help with kind words.....
:welcome: to the forum. I am sorry to hear you feel you are worthless or that you think others view you in this way. You are not worthless. I hope you find the support you need to help you change some of those thoughts. :hug:
Thanks for the welcomes :D unfortunately, today is an even worse day for me. All I feel is that I cannot go on... I can't remember the last time i felt so bad about my life... I think it was a long time ago but not at this intensity. I don't know what to do.

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Hi hun glad you are reaching out here for help Can you tell us what has got you so down today Did something trigger this on. I find just calling a crisis line and talking to a real voice helps me they are kind listen and gently give some advice to help me cope through a rough day. Hugs to you


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I know what you mean about your friends disappearing..I haven't seen my old friends in 20 years..I isolate in my bedroom... You should have no problem with finding friends here at the forum..
It's not that something exterior happened. It's just a feeling from inside. I feel like I cannot go on...I don't believe in anything or anyone. I feel that all I live is a lie. I just feel like my existence is a big mistake. If I could...I would transfer the rest of the time I have to live to someone who really loves life and wants to live. I don't anymore... I lost all hope. Ever since I was a child I felt something was wrong with me being here. I feel like I don't belong anywhere, like there is no place for me. No one really likes me or likes to be around me, no one wants to know me, no one cares. And I am fed up of feeling so alone in the world.
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