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i jumped straight in without introducing myself through desperation, i cant be
honest with my pyschologist and have been let down so badly i struggle to trust but through desperation for time i found you good peeps and if nothing else in a short time have learnt i am not alone feeling this way, i am notg saying i will live longer but i acknowledge my feelings are real and if i survive it will be cos of finding people who actually understand and not patronise
i wish you all what you are looking for
Hi icequeen :)
Welcome to SF! I'm glad you have found this forum, and people who can relate to how you are feeling. You are right, you aren't alone in feeling this way, and people will help as much as they can to support you. If you ever need to talk, feel free to PM me, and please keep posting to let us know what is going in for you
Take care :arms:
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